Five Majestic Islands For Sale In The Philippines

With more than 7,000 sun-kissed islands bathed in tropical weather and surrounded with unspoiled stretches of sands, it is no wonder why people are suddenly offering their investments on some of the Philippines’ islands. Let’s not forget the fact that the country has been receiving a booming rise in tourism lately with it being one of the top summer and diving destination in the world. Be it for a personal haven retreat or a business investment, the Philippines has an overwhelming selection of islands to choose from that will exceed expectations.

Your own private paradise is just within reach as we give you 5 exclusive islands in the Philippines you can own:


Island in Camarines Norte

This 118-hectare island in Camarines Norte is a small haven surrounded by mangrove forests where you can find two kinds of shores: the white sand shore and rocky shore. Visitors are welcomed to plant mangrove seedlings or do a 15-20 minute hike up a hill to get an exceptional view of the sunset. The island is also ideal for outdoor rock climbing and houses an unexplored underwater cave that can only be seen during low tide. This island is uninhabited except for a caretaker.

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Maltatayoc Island in Palawan

Maltatayoc Island is a 44-hectare uninhibited island which houses a long, pristine sandbar. The island is found about two to three hours off the coast of the town of Coron and is near well-known shores such as Huma Island and North Cay. Maltatayoc Island is usually a great stop for island hopping tours.

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Island in Culion

This pristine island lies North West of mainland Culion. It is a peninsula that makes it a virtual island practically surrounded by water. It has a 4-kilometer white sand beach on the west coast and a 6-kilometer mangrove system to the east. The property is connected to the town proper with a road network and to other parts of Culion. Midway to the town proper is the airport approximately 15 kilometers to the property.

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Island in El Nido

This majestic island in El Nido is probably one of the most magnificent beachfront islands you can find in Palawan. The island’s overall property area is 42,876 sqm which is surrounded by lush greeneries, milky white sand, and towering rock formations.

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Fortune Island

Widely known for its Greek-like ruins and pillars, Fortune Island is definitely one of the most sought-after destinations in Batangas. This island is also one of the best diving destinations with its surrounding underwater shipwrecks. This 27-hectare island lies about 14 kilometers off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas.

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