Rediscover Your Freedom Yoga Retreat


    We both know the challenges of juggling careers, colleagues, family, home and personal development. We’ve been there and still are; it’s a constant process of refining our lives and prioritizing what's important. But we know that we can really lead the lives we dream of, we can fulfill all our dreams, desires and needs. We already have the abundance we deserve. It’s up to us rediscover it, remember what is truly ours and open towards our new possibilities.

    The retreat is about stripping back the layers of conditioning and burdened emotion, peeling back the worries, fears and stresses,  shedding the old stuff that no longer serves us and stepping into the newness of our truth.

    Together we will rediscover radical trust, freedom, joy & bliss, and reconnect to our true nature.


    Content and Retreat Inclusion

    • Opening ceremony
    • Sattva Yoga – a transcendental, integrated yogic practice combining meditation, pranayama (breathwork), kriya and asana from the ancient Himalayan tantric and Vedic lineages
    • Morning yoga and meditation practice
    • Evening practice
    • Wisdom talks on a range of topics such as; self-energy, our energy layers, mental and emotional layers of conditioning, naturopathic nutrition & detoxification, nurturing our creativity & personal power, the importance of connecting to nature, living your dream life and more
    • Daily fun & invigorating excursions into nature – surfing, island hopping, trips to rock pools, Blue Lagoon & more
    • 3 meals of gourmet, organic food, farm-to-table plant-based food, especially designed for us
    • Accommodation in a beautiful purpose-built, 4*, nature located hotel, in shared accommodation (single occupancy and villas for sharing/groups are available at an extra cost – contact us for queries)
    • Creative sessions
    • Work on your soul & personal development plan with our help (only for 7 night retreat)
    • Heart-opening workshops
    • Supportive sharing circles
    • Special cacao ceremony, sound journey and transcendental meditation immersions
    • Connection to a tribe of like-minded people forever
    • Closing ceremony


    Sample Schedule

    7.30 am – 9 am – Morning practice (in silence)

    9am – 10.30am – Journaling, breakfast, getting ready for the day (in silence)

    10.30am – 12.30pm – Wisdom talk / workshop / sharing circle

    1pm – 2pm – Lunch

    2pm – 6.30pm – Nature excursion

    6.30pm – 7.30pm – Evening practice

    7.30pm – 9pm – Dinner

    9pm – 10pm – Evening wisdom talk / meditation / sound journey / dance / movement


    The Location and Venue

    Nestled within the jungles of a wave-fringed island, the Lotus Shores Yoga, Surf & Farm Retreat is a commune for yogis, seekers, surfers, and conscious adventurers traveling to Siargao to rest, manifest, connect, get barrelled and (or) enlightened. Our accommodations were created to support a deep integration of the learnings, insights and breakthroughs that arise from the practice.  It is in between sadhana when we shed our outdated ways of being and integrate the newly awakened parts of ourselves. This can only take place in an environment that encourages rest and deep listening.

    As a space dedicated to the remembrance of our true nature, our everyday activities (eating, walking, communicating, etc.) are a continuation of our practices (sadhana) and are approached with equal mindfulness, reverence, and devotion. 

    Whether or not one practice, they would benefit from the closeness to nature, open spaces, and the uplifting and positive environment of the retreat.

    It was founded on the goal of Yoga, the realization of the unity of Being, often experienced in the act of wave-riding. Life at the retreat is a celebration, exploration and preservation of the sacred wisdom that yoga and surfing have to teach us about ourselves and the world around us. The commune is home to the island’s only yoga center, Yoga Dojo, and Kali Ma Cafe, a plant-based kitchen and restaurant. 

    The rooms are single, double or triple occupancy, with mosquito net, ceiling fans, side tables and dresser. The rooms are single-sex and there are mixed rooms with shared toilets & showers. The accommodation is beautifully designed around nature, tranquil, spacious and relaxing.


    About the Teachers

    Sara Black

    Sara Black lives to inspire and breathe life into spaces, motivating people to live their most joyous life yet. The unique blend of her background as a long time visual artist, as well as a devoted wellness advocate, creates a very exceptional energy of freedom which is both encouraging and contagious. As a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Sara has helped her students develop calm and connection to self, enhance creativity, and make contact with their personal power and limitless energy.


    Natasha Anand Boojihawon

    Natasha Boojihawon helps people realize and align with their essence as a human being and ultimately unleashed their creativity and inner alchemy. She fuses several modalities together to form her own intuitive, holistic healing practice focused on achieving optimum physical health, emotional transformation, and trauma release. Having spent a decade extensively and therapeutically working with and researching in communities she has supported many marginalized and excluded groups of people and delivered creative, leadership and activism projects.


    Terms and Conditions

    • Deposits are non-refundable.
    • By attending this program you agree to inform a member of staff of any pre-existing medical conditions and medications or prescriptions you are taking. By attending this program you acknowledge that it is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. The program is not designed to diagnose medical or psychological conditions, perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, provide counselling, nor interfere with the treatment of licensed medical or psychological professionals. The Discover Your Being Retreat and any related information is offered as a tool for spiritual and personal growth and not as medical or psycho-therapeutic advice. Sara Black & Natasha Boojihawon make no claims to heal medical or psychological conditions; any healing subsequent to attending the program is a result of self-healing. If personal process or symptom presents, the client should seek the help of a qualified healthcare provider.
    • The fee for the retreat includes accommodation, breakfast lunch and dinner, all workshops, classes and excursions.
    • Presence: students are expected to be present for at least 1 workshop/event/gathering per day.
    • Punctuality: arrive to all activities 10 minutes early so we can start on time.
    • In-class questions: dialogue is encouraged as this is an exchange – we learn from each other…. There may be times when we ask that questions are kept for specific times so we can run through the content.
    • Silence: please respect silent hours. Silent hours are until after the first morning session. Please also respect silence before any class, in order to be in a space where you allow yourself, and the others to “tune in”.
    • Conversations: be mindful of conversations as people may be going through big internal processes… Try to keep conversations of a peaceful nature (ie no gossip, negativity, violence, judgment, etc.). Also do not speak about anyone else’s experiences without their consent.
    • Food: please address any food intolerances or allergies in the registration/enrolment form below
    • Electricity and water: to be conscious on the impact of the planet please be mindful and switch off all electricity, fan, air condition always when leaving the room and minimize waste.
    • Yoga hall: leave all mats and cushions in the hall. Tidy up after yourself if using the yoga hall between classes. Be mindful of the schedule of the classes in the different yoga halls and leave the space clean.
    • Reduce reuse recycle: reuse water bottles (fill from cooler) to minimise waste, and separate recyclables.
    • Absolutely no cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol at the venue.
    • By enrolling/registering onto the course, you agree to our terms and conditions.


    Check more about the retreat here.

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