Small Bamboo Island: Palawan’s Best Kept Secret

Crystal clear waters, towering gem-like rock formations, numerous islets, and smiling faces, Palawan definitely deserves its booming rise in tourism. Almost everyone planning to journey through the wonders of Palawan have heard about some of the famous island destinations included in their Coron and El Nido island hopping itinerary, namely, the Small and Big Lagoons, Snake Island, Malcapuya, and more.

But why not venture further into a charmingly inconspicuous and uncharted haven in Palawan? Available for an exclusive stay, Small Bamboo Island is your tropical postcard paradise come to life. This ultimate dream island is adorned with the richest marine life in the region, turquoise blue waters, unspoiled milky-white sand, towering palm trees, and a lush rainforest home to a multitude of colorful birds and butterflies. Planning a private beach wedding? A small family and friends get-together? A barefoot mini-festival without asking yourself if the music is too loud? Small Bamboo Island is more than happy to be your perfect venue—just remember to throw your garbages properly.

The island’s raw beauty and charmingly rustic environment is preserved and enhanced by zero-carbon and runs on solar power. Luxurious and cozy designer bamboo cottages and pavilions surround the island which provides you with that authentic island living. 

Not to be discouraged with the concept of primeval living, each of the island’s uniquely-designed bamboo huts are all equipped with luxuries and necessities one need: a million-dollar view, comfy seats, outside terrace, warm-white lights, a queen-size bed, super soft bed sheets, great pillows, a quiet fan, a mosquito net, great-tasting 3-stage-filtered+UV-treated drinking water, spotless bathrooms, fluffy towels, all-natural bath products, and a flashlight.

Make the most of your tropical stay by lazing around the beach or trying out their countless watersports and activities. Small Bamboo Island offers excursions such as snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding, sunset cruise, island hopping, diving, kiteboarding, deep sea fishing, and more. Divulge in the island’s organic food selection and have a bonfire as you freely drink the night (or day—no one will judge you, anyway) away in their reggae bar.

Bamboo Island holds yoga & wellness retreats which would be perfect if you’re craving for a relaxing getaway. Check out our curated wellness package inclusive of an itinerary! For reservations and further inquiries, you can check their profile and contact detail here.


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